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Festive Nails with Avon

A trendy nail design can always add that extra sparkle needed to spice up your festive season! And, we've got the perfect nail polish for you - Avon's new Jewelled Illusion collection.

It is almost time for everyone's favourite festive season of the year, - when friends and families come together to celebrate the festivities in their most extraordinary, show-stopping outfits after planning them for weeks and months specifically for this single occasion. 


But what really brings a whole look together? Yes, that's right - a fresh set of nails with the perfect colour that encapsulates the essence of this joyous season. A trendy nail design can always add that extra sparkle needed to spice up your festive season! And, we've got the perfect nail polish for you - Avon's new Jewelled Illusion Nail Enamel collection. Here are five ways you can use this nail polish to dazzle up your look! 


Avon True Color Jewelled Illusion Nail Enamel


Worn alone

Apply a single layer of the 'Statement Gold', 'Silver Obsession' or 'Fancy Bronze' nail polish to create an understated look that matches the bedazzling outfit you had in mind. One of the safest yet most chic nail designs is a simple glittery look. You can never go wrong with a solid glitter-based nail paint with gold, silver or bronze hues because they never go out of style. 


gold glitter nail polish
Use your favourite shade on your nails like a regular nail paint
Product: Jewelled Illusion in Statement Gold



Worn as a top coat

This nail polish can also be layered over any coloured nail polish. You can simply apply your choice of nail polish colour and add a single coat of Jewelled Illusion to add a sparkling touch to your coloured nails. 

A bright base nail polish like pink with a single coat of Silver Obsession can make your nails stand out.


glitter nail polish by Avonglitter pink nail polish by avon

Use on top of another nail paint to add Jewelled Glitters
Product: Prospeed in Highspeed Pink & Jewelled Illusion Silver Obsession



Make a glitter statement with an accent nail 

Another fun way to make a statement with this nail polish is to try the accent nail trend. You can paint your ring finger with one of the sparkling shades of the Jewelled Illusion collection and paint the rest of the nails with a solid nail polish hue.


Mix and match shades

For a bold statement, try alternating between a glitter and a solid. For example, you could apply a single layer of solid colour on one nail and Jewelled Illusion on the others. For that shimmery look, one can also mix and match different shades of glitter polish to make a sparkling statement!


avon sparkly nail polish avon sparkly nail polish

Wear diferent shades on diferent fnger nails to create a Motley look
Product: Jewelled Illusion Statement Gold, Silver Obsession & Fancy Bronze



Add a glitter touch to tips

Lastly, you can go for the classic glittery tips look. Apply your favourite solid nail polish colour and layer it up with a top coat of Jewelled Illusion on the tips of the nail. You can pick a neutral base, which can help to enhance the look of the glitter nail polish coat. The glittery tips bring in a much-needed sprinkle of sparkle.


glitter nail polish by avonavon nail polish

Create a French Manicured tips look with the glitters only on your tips
Product: Jewelled Illusion Fancy Bronze & Prospeed Chop Chop Cream

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