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How to use a highlighter

If there is one product that can transform your face from drab to glam in seconds, lighting it up with freshness and drawing all the attention to your best features, it is the humble highlighter.

Not only does it illuminate the high points of your face like the top of your cheekbones, nose bridge, brow bones or your Cupid’s bow, it also gives you a dewy, healthy, sun-kissed glow, making you party ready in no time. Here are a few tips on how to apply the highlighter on your face the right way for best results.

Prep your skin

The golden rule to follow before you put on any make-up is to make sure you prep your skin. After cleansing, hydrate your skin and apply a good primer. A highlighter works well when your skin is clean and is primed well. 

Use the perfect shade of foundation

The shade of your foundation must match your skin tone perfectly otherwise you’ll end up with make-up that looks out of place. Use a light layer or a high-coverage foundation in accordance to where you’re heading — a party, a brunch or a casual day out. Blend in the foundation well to avoid cakey make-up. An evenly layered foundation really brings out the effect of the highlighter and makes your skin look healthy and glowy. 

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Know where to apply the highlighter

Unlike other beauty products, with the highlighter, less is more. The trick lies in applying it the right way. Use it to highlight all the high points of your face. The ideas is to draw attention to the areas of your face where light naturally falls. This includes the top of your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bones, Cupid’s bow and your chin. 

Brush know-how

There are many ways you can apply the highlighter on your face — a sponge, a round brush, a fan brush, a roll-on stick or even your fingers. Depending on your formula, you can choose your brush type. Powder formulas work well with a fan or powder brush. Beauty sponges go well with liquid foundation as they blend it well. For highlighter stick, you can simply swipe the highlighter use or fingers or a beauty sponge to blend.

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