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Fight Bad Body Odour

Keep bad body odour at bay with these useful tips!

Body odour is a very common problem that can make people self-conscious. While sweat is odourless, it is the bacteria that causes the bad odour. This can become a regular concern in summer and monsoon when the humidity is high. Poor hygiene can also lead to smelly sweat. Here are a few tips one can follow to control excess sweat production and keep body odour in check.

Maintain a good personal hygiene
Proper cleansing of your body every day can keep body odour at bay. Wash your body thoroughly with a good shower gel like the Avon Naturals Vanilla & Sandalwood Shower Gel and dry properly. The gentle and creamy formula keeps skin soft and supple. Plus, it leaves a lingering scent behind.

Opt for a body spray & antiperspirant
You can always beat body odour by spraying a good body spray for effective deodorant protection. Using antiperspirant roll-on-deodorant (ROD) can help to control excess sweat production and reduce the body odour. Feel fresh all day with Avon Feelin Fresh range of ROD with Dry Pore Technology to keep your dry and odour free. Its pH-balanced formula is dermatologically tested and is alcohol-free.

Limit intake of certain foods
You sweat what you eat. Thus, certain foods like caffeinated and alcoholic beverages can add more to your sweating and lead to body odour. Furthermore, foods rich in sulphur like broccoli, cabbage and more can make one smell bad. Pay attention to what causes bad odour and try to cut down on such food items. Also, increasing citrus fruits and probiotic food can help to improve one’s body odour.

Say yes to natural fabrics
To eliminate body odour, it's always best to ditch synthetic clothes like spandex shorts, and polyester fabric as they are a breeding ground for bacteria. Instead, switch the breathable & natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Discard the fabric softener
Did you ever feel not so fresh when you put on a clean shirt? This could be because of your fabric softener. Fabric softeners prevent evaporation and airflow from entering your clothes. Thus, it becomes one of the reasons for the improper removal of the bacteria from your clothes. Not only this, but fabric softeners can also cause irritation to your skin, henceforth, it's best to ditch them forever.

It's completely normal to sweat heavily and have a smell. But, to get rid of it, one can follow these simple tips to control body odour. In addition, spritzing some perfume can also enhance one’s smell. Explore Avon’s range of fragrances here.

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