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Say goodbye to dry hands

Give your hands some TLC!

We’re all washing our hands more than ever. It’s important. It does however mean we need to take extra care of them to stop them getting dry, cracked and sore. Check out these six top tips for rescuing parched palms and thirsty thumbs.

1. Dry your hands thoroughly after washing. Just dab dry instead of rubbing to prevent hands becoming sensitive or sore.

2. Always moisturise after washing your hands

3. Keep hand creams dotted around the house to remind you to apply it frequently: think desk and bedside table as well as sinks

4. Try putting a really thick layer of cream on at night and wearing gloves while you sleep

5. Wear rubber gloves for washing up. Your hands are getting plenty of exposure to soap so minimise it when you can.

6. For those willing to try something less conventional, boil a potato with the skin on – but only if you have a spare. Mash it and mix with olive oil and spread over your hands for a mini treat while you watch your favourite TV programme. The potassium and vitamin C in the potato will help strengthen and soothe the skin. Follow with hand cream.

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