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Pre-Holi Tips to Follow

Here's how you can protect your skin, hair and body while playing with Holi colours!

Holi is around the corner and as we gear up for the festivities, one needs to pay extra attention to skin, body and hair care. Whether you're playing with organic or regular colours, the Holi colours can take a toll on your skin and hair health. Here's how you can take care of your skin and hair with these useful tips and products.

Pre Holi Skin & Hair Care| What to do?
Pre-Holi care is a must to protect your hair, skin and body before playing with colours. Prepping your skin and hair the right way can help to reduce skin and hair damage.

Moisturize your Skin
Moisturizing your face and body is one of the most important pre-Holi care tips one should take. Holi colours can easily collect on dry skin patches and can be further damage the skin. For face, using a day cream with SPF can help to hydrate and protect your skin from harmful sun rays. And, for the body, a hydrating lotion like Avon Naturals Milk & Honey Hand & Body Lotion infused with Natural Ingredients (Milk Protein & Honey) can nourish the skin and provide hydration for hours. Applying a face moisturizer and body lotion creates a barrier between the skin and colours, preventing them from penetrating.

Protect your Nails
Holi colours can easily stain the nails and also damage the skin around the nails. One of the best ways to protect your nails before Holi is to apply a top nail coat. This again can create a barrier between your nails and colours and avoid damage. One can also hydrate the hands to protect the skin around the nails.

Protect your Skin from Sun
While playing Holi, one must protect their skin from the harmful sun rays. Using a day cream with SPF or sunscreen lotion like Avon Sun Care SPF 30 can protect skin from wide UVA|UVB rays. It provides a wide spectrum of protection and can be used on the face and body. Plus, the formula is water-resistant can protect skin during Holi. Use a generous layer of sunscreen, particularly one that is waterproof or water-resistant like Avon's, to avoid sun damage Also, it's best to apply the sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before stepping out.

Protect your Hair
To protect your hair before playing Holi, oiling your hair is a must. Ayurvedic hair oil like Avon Naturals Hair Oil is a special blend of coconut, almond, olive and sandalwood oil. It is very nourishing and restores hair health. An oil like this can create a barrier between the hair and colours and prevents the colour from damaging the scalp and hair. One can also wear a scarf on the head to protect the hair further.

Protect your Eyes & Lips
To protect the eyes, one can wear a pair of sunglasses, which can help to avoid the colour getting into the eyes and also protect you from harmful sun rays. For lips, one can invest in a lip balm with SPF like Avon Naturals Lip Balm in Cherry and Strawberry variant.

Have a great Holi 2023!

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