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Winter care for hands

This little tool can offer a lot of skincare benefits!

The anticipated cold season welcomes in cups of hot chocolate, cosy blankets and romcom movies. Despite these winter delights that complete the season, unfortunately, everyone also becomes more prone to rough, dry hands and overgrown cuticles that require immediate attention because of the cold air. This winter season, try these hand care tips to ensure fully nourished hands: 


Apply Hand Cream After Washing Hands 

Constantly washing hands has become a norm and a necessity in today’s day and age. However, vigorous hand washing for 20 seconds can result in dry and flaky skin. Try out the Avon Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Moisturising Hand Cream. This luscious hand cream nourishes weather-beaten skin with rehydrating ingredients like olive oil. For a fragrant hand cream, try Avon Naturals Lavender & Chamomile Hand Cream. The cream offers a sweet floral scent and helps to soothe and revitalise the skin deeply. Massage this cream into the palms of the hands and cuticles for healthy skin. 


Carry Hand Cream While Leaving the House 

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes result in less time for self-care. When travelling to different regions, it is crucial to carry hand cream to consistently moisturise the hands and cuticles, as they take a toll in the cold winter air. Avon Naturals Red Rose and Peach Hand Cream offers moisture protection for rough hands while leaving behind a rosy scent and a powder-smooth finish. This hand cream is ideal for an on-the-go situation as it instantly absorbs into the skin to provide soft hands. 


Apply Hand Cream Before Bed

The humidity and temperature of the winter season can create undesired conditions that cause dull and dry skin daily. At night, the effects of exposure to cold air throughout the day are visible on the cuticles and hands as they become chapped. The Avon Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Hand Cream is perfect for application at night. Infused with sweet vanilla, brown sugar, and the scent of macadamia nut fragrance, the hand cream significantly improves mood and pampers the skin right before bedtime. 

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