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How to get smooth skin for winters

One of the best winter skin care tips

It’s officially winter season! With Christmas and New Year right at our doorstep, there is a lot of unbridled excitement to anticipate. Nonetheless, the one thing that most people dread during this joyful season is dry and weather-beaten skin. The winter calls for rich, moisturising products to certify supple skin despite relentless wintry weather. Use these nourishing products this season to attain smooth skin that is ready to protect against the bitter cold:


Apply a Rich Face Wash

Although we cover up our bodies with warm clothes in the biting cold, the most exposed and unprotected part of us is our facial skin. Under these conditions, it is vital to incorporate products into your skincare regimen that provide the skin with appropriate hydration. The Avon Naturals Milk Honey Cleanser retains moisture in the face while eradicating impurities deep within the skin to prevent flakiness and dryness that is inevitable in the winter. Milk is beneficial in this cleanser as it contains Vitamin B6 that is proven to improve cell regeneration and offers an ageless glow.


Apply a Rich Body Wash

During this season, barren skin is a common occurrence as the chilly winds take away moisture from the body. Using products that are replete with milk and honey is advantageous as these ingredients combined provide a youthful glow due to the Vitamin A present in milk and anti-inflammatory properties in honey. As such, Avon’s Naturals Milk & Honey Shower Gel replenishes the body by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and softening the skin to prevent the effects of the blistering cold. The mild, yet the creamy formula is ideal for sensitivity that the skin faces in cold weather. To reap all the benefits of this product, apply this shower gel on a loofah and massage it onto the body for a foamy lather that preserves the skin.


Apply a Rich Body Lotion

One of the most significant steps in a winter skincare routine is using moisturiser on the body. Avon’s Naturals Milk & Honey Hand & Body Lotion provides deep hydration for 24 hours to nourish the body while helping you attain a velvety smooth texture. The anti-bacterial properties of honey also allow the skin to heal which is needed for skin barriers that are damaged in harsh winter weather. This lightweight formula is non-greasy and absorbs efficiently into the skin to avoid a sticky feeling while wearing several layers of clothing in the winter. This lotion is your best friend in the cold season as it moisturises dehydrated skin to offer shiny skin.

These products applied together to create the ultimate moisture sandwich that transforms skin that is dull and parched to bright and glowy to illuminate the winter festivities! Explore Avon's Milk & Honey range here

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