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Make your perfume last longer

Want to make the most of your scent? We’ve got some amazing hacks for you. If your fragrance fades away quickly, chances are you’re applying it wrong. From storing the fragrance the right way to applying it on pulse points, here are some tips and tricks that you can try to make your perfume last longer.

Don’t rub your wrists!
One of the most common mistakes while applying the perfume is rubbing the wrists together. This breaks down the top notes of the perfume and changes the structure of the scent. Instead, one should let the liquid sink in and air dry.

Store it away from heat 
Make sure you store your scents away from heat and humidity. Heat can degrade the perfume and affect the quality. It’s best to store them in a cool, dark place.

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Apply it in the right place
Body heat enhances the scent of a perfume, as the fragrance diffuses better with body heat. Therefore, it’s best to apply it to the pulse points, the body parts that tend to heat up. You can spray some on the neck, inside elbows, behind the ears and even the belly button.

drate your skin 
Did you know that perfume lasts longer on hydrated skin? Fragrance binds to a body lotion or cream, as moisture gives the perfume something to hold on to. This little trick can boost your scent without reapplying the scent throughout the day. For all-day nourishment, try Avon's range of body lotions.

Layer it up with matching products
Using a set of scented products from the same fragrance family combine well and intensify the smell. One can pair the perfume with matching shower gel, body lotion, deodorant and body spray for a long-lasting scent. 

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