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Fascinating Facts About Perfume

Love wearing perfumes? Here are some interesting facts you need to know about scents!

When it comes to perfumes, who doesn’t love this beauty product? All you need is just a few sprays to feel and smell good throughout the day. It’s like an unseen accessory that instantly adds charm to one’s look. If you’re a perfume lover, we’ve got some interesting facts you need to know about scents. 


Whether you’re a fan of a body mist or perfumed body lotion, here are some interesting perfume facts you need to know:

What exactly is the meaning of the word ‘Perfume”?

A lot of people don’t know that the word perfume is actually derived from the Latin word ‘per fumum’ translated as ‘through smoke’. It was refined around 2500 years ago by Romans and Arabs into making and wearing perfumes. At that time, Emperor Nero would hold some grand feasts including rose and jasmine oils in the fountains and wafting them into the air. The fragrances were used to attract people. Also, in the Arabian practice of Bakhoor, scented woods were burned for perfume clothing. 

Today, scents have evolved into the beauty industry for people to wear them every day and feel refreshed and exotic.

The smell of the perfume change throughout the day

Sometimes, you may have noticed that the scent of your perfume changes throughout the day. But ever wondered why? This is because of the three basic notes in the perfumes- the Top, Heart and Base notes. The chemistry of scent includes these three components. The top notes are the most delicate ingredients. Therefore, they do not last very long. Heart notes, on the other hand, are long-lasting than top notes. And, the base notes determine the dominant aroma of the perfume, as they last the longest 


The same fragrance can smell different on two people

Yes, it can happen. A perfume body spray combines your body’s unique scent. And, that’s why it can smell different from person to person. A lot of factors like skin type, body temperature, pH balance of the skin and even diet can make scent smells different on everyone. So, while choosing a perfume, it’s best to try it on your skin. 


Perfumes are mood boosters

A Perfume is known to be a feel-good stimulant that can make you feel sexy, relax or comfort you and elevate your mood. A scent triggers our senses! It has the power to make us feel calm, revived and energetic. Just spritzing some perfume can take you on a journey with its notes. For a sensual warmth, explore Avon’s best-selling perfume Avon Little Black Dress EDP. The LBD perfume is a mix of feminine notes of honeysuckle, ylang-ylang and milkwood.


Just like a perfume, you can enhance your post-shower routine by layering the perfume with a roll-on-deodorant, body spray and body lotion to make your scent last longer. Explore Avon’s fragrance range here.

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