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Protect Your Feet in Every Season

Follow these tips to guarantee smooth, worry-free feet that blissfully accompany you in every season!

As we inch towards cooler weather, we often like to prepare for it with warmer drinks, clothes, and heaters to take care of our body. Subsequently, our skin requires similar care in cold-weather conditions to prevent dry, rough facial skin. The shift in season also indicates a change in make-up routines to carry forward the same flawless appearance from other times in the year. The harsh winter winds can strip away all moisture from your skin; so here are steps to prep your face for make-up in the cold season:


Use a Gentle Cleanser 

The cold air makes the skin more sensitive to flaking and dryness as it takes away its suppleness. The Avon True Nutraeffects Hydra Boost Cleanser is a great pick for the winter gale as it eliminates dirt and impurities and restores healthy and hydrated skin. The foam-based cleanser leaves gently cleanses without making skin feeling dry. Washing your face before make-up is a necessity to ensure that there are no leftover pollutants or bacteria from the air that can clog the pores. 


Don’t skip the toner

After cleansing your face, spritz some toner, it helps to remove any traces of impurities and leaves skin smooth. It helps to prep the skin for moisturization and also restores the skin’s pH levels.


Use Serums or Facial Oils 

The winter results in frequently irritated skin that require extra moisture to get rid of any skin irritation. Facial oils and serums can create quite an impact on your skin against cold air as it strengthens the skin barrier and improve skin’s hydration levels. Avon True Nutra Tri-Phase Elixir is a 3-in-1 facial oil that provides a youthful glow and solidifies the skin’s moisture barrier. To use this oil, dispense 3-5 drops of the facial oil between fingers before gently massaging it into the face till it is fully absorbed to achieve optimum results. 


Use Moisturiser 

To complete the preparation, apply a moisturiser with a thicker, fuller formula as the winter calls for maximum hydration. Look for nourishing moisturizers like Avon True Nutraeffects Hydra Boost Day Cream. This hydrating formula contains chia seeds and is free of dyes and paraben and is also suitable for sensitive skin. 


Pick the Right Foundation

Although the skin has been prepped, the go-to move to lock in this moisture would be to apply the perfect base that does not cause patchy, dry make-up in the cold wind. Hence, make sure you pick the right foundation that offers a luminous and dewy finish. We recommend Avon True Colour Flawless Liquid Foundation. Its moisturising formula feels comfortable on the skin and doesn’t leave a cakey finish. 


With these helpful skincare tips in winter, you can keep your skin make-up ready for the cold days ahead. 


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