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Skincare Tips For Dry Skin

Say goodbye to dry skin with these skincare tips!

We’ve all had to deal with dull, dry, patchy skin at some point in our lives unless we’re blessed with really good genes. Here are five easy daily rituals you can follow for supple, youthful, glowing skin. 


Avoid hot water

Hot water can make your skin dry, stripping it of its natural oils. It can also increase skin sensitivity and cause skin irritation. The best way to make sure you don’t dry out your pores is to wash your face with cold or lukewarm water. This will prep your face for the cleanser you apply next. 


Gentle cleansing is key 
Using harsh ingredients on dry skin will only further irritate it. Cleanse your face and body with natural ingredients such as milk and honey, known for hydrating and revitalising your skin from within.

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Hydrating masks
What’s better than a nourishing mask to brighten up your skin with that enviable glow? Gel masks with nourishing ingredients like aloe vera are perfect for that intense blast of hydration. They also have a cooling effect and help get rid of clogged pores on your skin. You can also go for a range of sheet masks for an instant glow. 

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Spritz on some refreshing spray
After you’re done with the face mask, hydrate your skin with a nourishing toner immediately after. The toner is perfect to balance out the pH of your skin and helps avoid any bacteria build-up. Perfumed toners like a rose-fragrance infused toner not only smell divine but keep you fresh and cool through the day. Spritz it on whenever your face feels dry. Also, a
pplying a toner post cleansing can make a visible difference to the skin's hydration levels.

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Lather up your moisturizer 
Always opt for a hydrating day cream with SPF to keep your skin protected from the sun. A night cream, with active ingredients like collagen boosters, is a great option too as it repairs your skin from within. The goal is to always keep your skin nourished so it doesn't get patchy or flaky. 

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Lastly, do make sure you stick to this skincare routine diligently if you want to see tangible results in a hurry!

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