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The Difference Between Deodorant and Perfume

Know the key difference between a deodorant and perfume!

While buying a fragrance, a lot of factors come into one's mind. The fragrance family, brand, and of course the concentration. The fragrance category is divided into many categories like cologne, body spray, deodorant, roll-on antiperspirant and perfume. Out of the variety of fragrance products out there, the most commonly used products are perfume and deodorant. They both come under the fragrance category but have different concertation and purpose. Here's the difference you need to know between a deodorant and perfume:



One of the most luxurious fragrance products is perfume. They last longer than body sprays and deodorants. It helps to enhance the body's fragrance and last longers. The perfume is usually applied on the pulse points, where the body generates more heat. Plus, the scent can also be applied to clothes, unlike a deodorant. 


Key differences

  • Occasional Wear
  • Applied on pulse points
  • Enhances Body's Fragrance



Ideal for daily use, deodorant helps combat body odour. Unlike perfumes, they don't enhance the body's fragrance but prevent body dour. Many deodorants offer antibacterial properties and keep bad odour at bay. As compared to perfume, the scent doesn't last long. 


Key differences

  • Daily Use
  • Applied on underarms
  • Prevents body odour


Now, that you know the basic difference between a deodorant and perfume, check out Avon's wide range of fragrances here

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