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How to Apply Moisturiser

Learn the right way to apply a moisturiser

Yes, you heard it right! There is a right way to apply a moisturiser that ensures it does its job perfectly. So much can go wrong when you use a moisturiser. For example, you might end up with acne and related issues if you don’t wash your hands beforehand. Or, you might use a moisturiser with ingredients that might or might not suit your skin like rose for skin brightening, milk and honey for hydration, collagen for anti-ageing and salicylic acid for oil control, etc.

To help you do this right, here are a few tips and tricks on how to use your moisturiser:


Pea size amount is all you need

A lot of people believe that the more moisturiser you dab on, the better it will hydrate your skin, but that’s not true at all. A pea-sized blob of moisturising lotion or cream is all you need for supple, youthful skin. 


Warm it up before use 

One common mistake people make when using a moisturiser on a daily basis is applying it on their face or body with their fingertips. What you must do is warm it up first by rubbing it across your palms before applying it to your skin. Warming up the product ensures it is better absorbed into your skin and distributed evenly all over. 


The right order of application 

Usually, the cheek area is the driest part of the face, therefore, it requires a little more than the rest of your face. Once you’ve done with your cheeks, lather the product onto your forehead and the rest of the face evenly. Try to be gentle during application and move your hands in a circular motion for a massaging effect.


Always use upward strokes 

Another common mistake is applying any beauty product on the face in downward strokes. The best way to retain youthful skin and keep the wrinkles at bay is to use upward strokes when using any lotion, cream or oil on your face. This helps lift the face naturally and prevents your skin from sagging.


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