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How to use a face roller?

This little tool can offer a lot of skincare benefits!

One of the most popular facial tools right now is the face roller. This skincare tool is used for facial massaging and can offer a lot of skincare benefits. It can help increase blood circulation, reduce puffiness, enhance the look of the skin and offer smooth product absorption. To reap the benefits of a facial roller, follow these three simple steps when introducing it into your skincare routine: 


Step 1: Prepare the Face Roller

When applying a massaging item on the face, it is essential to ensure that it is a gentle tool that will not cause the face to break out. Avon’s Anew Rolling Facial Massager comes with a sturdy handle for a more powerful grip on the product and smooth rollers that are mild for the skin. Before using a face roller, ensure that the tool is thoroughly clean. Refrigerate the face roller for at least two hours before applying it to the facial skin for an added cooling and refreshing effect.


Step 2: Apply Face Oil or Plumping Shots

With ongoing exposure to harmful environmental factors, one can expect skin dryness and dullness. The Avon True Nutra Tri-Phase Elixir is a 3-1 facial oil that retains your natural glow while nourishing the skin and protecting the skin structure to prevent further damage. First, clean the face with a gentle cleanser and dab it with a dry towel. Then, dispense 3-5 drops of this lightweight facial oil between fingers before gently applying it to the face. Use the face roller to evenly distribute the product for better absorption.


Alternatively, try facial roller with Avon’s Anew Reset Plumping Shots. The plumping shots can help to restore years of collagen loss in just 7 days. It strengthens skin structure, leaving skin visibly healthier. The one-week treatment includes 7 ampoules for daily use. Each ampoule is sealed to preserve the potency of the formula for maximum results. 


Step 3: Use the Face Roller 

After the application of facial oil or plumping shots, it is time to start massaging the face. The main areas to massage are the neck, forehead, cheeks, and under the eyes. For the neck and temple of the forehead, gently move the face roller downwards while massaging them for 10 seconds. Then, caress the left and right portion of the forehead in a sideways motion for 10 seconds with the roller. After, massage the cheeks sideways to upwards for another 10 seconds. To finish, roll the tool over the eyelids, under the eyes from the innermost to the outer corner region, and then gently roll over the eyebrows. 

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