Dear Representative / Leader,

As you may be aware that Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules, 2021 notified by the Government of India are now applicable on the direct sellers and direct selling entities. Avon has always been compliant to the law of the land and will continue to do so, both to protect the company as well as all its stakeholders such as yourself. To this end, we would like you to please take note of some ways of working – as per the government mandate – that are important to remember, as listed below:

All BFAs / Leaders shall be required to sign and adhere to the Compliance Undertaking on a periodical basis (Please refer “Compliance Undertaking” @;
All BFAs / Leaders who have not provided their Address Proof and proof of identity (ID Proof) are required to do so in order to avoid invalidation of Avon rep ID;
List of associated BFAs / Leaders are uploaded on the company’s website;
ID cards issued by Avon shall have to be carried by all BFAs / Leaders at all times of business, including during sales pitches and meetings in order to validate their identity as an authentic Avon representative;
All BFAs / Leaders are expected to read and understand the changes in the Terms & Conditions of the Registration Form (Please refer “Terms & Conditions” @
The new rules by the government have been put in place to ensure that all YOUR rights, as lawfully practicing members of the Direct Selling fraternity, are safeguarded, and that YOU are not affected by any fraudulent practice that may bring a bad name to the brand.

As a business, we will continue to support and encourage you to focus on selling our product range which is both high quality and affordably priced and which allows you to create a good and loyal customer base. Continue to keep your focus on product sales.

All the best!