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    Avon True Super Definition Liquid Liner - Black
    Avon True Super Definition Liquid Liner - Black
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Enhance your eye makeup game with our smudge-proof and highly-pigmented coloured eyeliners and kajal. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, the Avon eye makeup range offers intense colour, comfort wear and long-lasting stay! Now, create captivating or simple eye makeup looks as per your choice. Explore our eye makeup products and transform your eye makeup with Avon

Benefits of Avon eye makeup- 

  • Smudge-proof formulas
  • Intense & bold colour
  • Waterproof formula
  • Lasting power


How to apply eye makeup? 

To start your eye makeup journey, here are some tips and tricks to ace the eye makeup game:

  • Use an eye primer to create a smooth base for eye makeup to easily glide on.
  • Select basic shades to start your eye makeup if using eye shadows.
  • Choose your blending tools wisely. For beginners, an eye makeup brush can help to blend the eyeshadow in a smooth way.
  • Contour your eyes and highlight them to make them pop.
  • Apply eyeliner and kajal to define your eyes. You can try our Avon Simply Pretty Kajal and Avon Simply Pretty Liquid Eyeliner Black for bolder and more beautiful eyes
  • Lastly, intensify your eye makeup further with a coat of mascara

How to stop your eyes from watering when wearing makeup?

This can be a common problem while using eye makeup products. Here are some tips you can try to avoid watery eyes

  • One of the reasons can be dry eyes, so it's best to prep the eyes with eye drops.
  • Another common reason can be irritation. While applying makeup, avoid getting the eye makeup inside the eyes.
  • Keep all your eye makeup brushes clean, as any dirt or allergy can irritate the eyes.
  • Avoid sharing eye makeup to maintain hygiene and any bacteria build-up on eye makeup products.
  • Try to limit powder on the lash line as it can easily cause irritation and watery eyes.

How to do simple eye makeup with kajal?

To create a simple eye makeup look with kajal, the steps are as follows:

  • Start applying the kajal on your waterline. You can use our Avon Simply Pretty Kajal for an intense and bold eye makeup look.
  • To create a simple yet bold like - try the reverse cat eye
  • After applying the kajal, extend the kajal to the outer corner, creating a reverse cat eye look
  • Add some drama to your eyes by smudging the kajal a little with an eye makeup brush and creating a simple smokey eye look.
  • Intensify the look further with a coat of mascara