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Get glossy and healthy lips from our best range of daily use lip balms. Made with a nourishing formula, the yummy-flavoured Avon Naturals lip balms pamper your lips with the utmost care. Enhanced with SPF, it also provides sun protection for your lips and prevents them from getting dark. 

With a blend of natural ingredients, the non-sticky lip balm sticks cover your lips with a sheer tint and are perfect for all seasons and all reasons. Explore the best lip balms online from Avon today and let your lips be the highlight of every occasion.

Benefits of Avon lip balms- 

  • Magnificent smell
  • Hydrates your lips
  • Softens and smoothes lips
  • SPF for sun protection
  • Deeply moisturize the lips



What is the difference between lip balm and lipstick?


  • COLOUR: Available from matte to metallic coverage finishes, lipsticks can create any kind of look such as a full-glam look. They come in a variety of colour options and offer a bold colour lip look. 
  • FEATURES: Lipstick adds colour to the lips in various finishes like glossy, matte and metallic. However, there are some lipsticks on the market that also hydrate your lips as well.
  • PRICE RANGE: Lipsticks can vary from being affordable to being expensive. 

Lip Balm: 

  • COLOUR: Often colourless or having a sheer tint, a lip balm is an ideal choice for a minimal or no-makeup makeup look
  • FEATURES: Lip Balms are used to moisturize and hydrate dry and chapped lips.
  • PRICE RANGE: Lip balms are generally priced lower than lipstick and are budget-friendly.

Is it ok to put on lip balm at night and sleep? 

It is perfectly fine to apply lip balm at night and then sleep. Furthermore, it is also considered the best time to apply it as, during the night, our skin repairs and rejuvenates. Thus, the lip balm can be used as a layer of protection for the newly produced lip skin cells.