Best 4 nail polish colours to try this fall season

Make a statement with your nails this fall season!

As the fall season is approaching, it’s time to ditch the summer trends and embrace the chilly weather. There’s so much to love about the fall season! Be it a cup of warm hot chocolate or revamping your wardrobe with chic layers, the shift in the season calls for a change! 

Just like your clothes, give your makeup a makeover too! And, the most important change for the season is colour. From lipsticks to nail polishes, give your beauty look a new look! To give you some inspiration, we’ve picked up four gorgeous nail polish shades to try this season: 

Top 4 nail polish colours to check out this fall 

Hues of green
The green colour is slowly making its way into everyone’s makeup vanity. From ethereal green eyeliner to gorgeous green nails, the colour is here to make its mark and find its way over to your next mani. 

You can try on different shades of green such as olive, jade, or emerald green for an ombre effect on your nails. At Avon India, we offer a wide range of green colour nail enamels such as the Avon True Color Prospeed Nail Enamel in the Twinkle In Time shade. This nail polish is not only chip-resistant but also provides an effortless smooth coverage on your nails instantly.

Nude shades
Nude-coloured nails have always been in trend. Preferred by celebrities in general, the nude nail colour hues will always remain a classic. This nail polish colour is perfect for cozy dates, and weekend mornings with a warm cup of coffee.

To achieve perfect nude-coloured nails, you can try our Avon True BB 7 in 1 Nail Enamel in Caring Creme shade. It’s a smooth and buttery nude made especially for the fall season. Apart from giving a rich colour to your nails, it also protects them from chipping and fills ridges for an even-out coverage.

Creamy Browns
Creamy brown shades have been seeing a rise in popularity. Being a popular shade of the 70s, creamy caramels and glossy lattes have the flavour of the fall season. If you are looking for that hot chocolate warmth on your nails, you can try our Avon Simply Pretty Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel in a Latte shade. This nail polish range has an intense colour payoff and high coverage power.

Shades of Yellow
Yellow nail polish might have been called once a beach or vacay colour, but the cheerful and vibrant shade has made its way out of the summer to the fall season. From neon pastel yellows to mustard, this nail enamel colour has taken over all the dark fall nail polish trends and is here to stay! Thus, experience the magic of the warm Sun on your nails with the Avon Simply Pretty Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel in Sunrise shade.

To conclude, the fall season is the right time to bring your inner fashionista out. This is the season when all big fashion brands let out their innovative creative side in terms of outfits and cosmetic shades. If you love keeping up with fashion trends, try the above-mentioned fall nail polish colours and make a statement with your beautiful nails.