Best 4 French manicure ideas to try this season

Top 4 French Manicure Ideas

French manicure has always been a classic nail trend. The evergreen trend never goes out of style! You can wear them for both informal and formal events such as weddings, work meetings or casual dates. This nail art is identified by the white nail polish covering the nail’s tip.

There are a lot of intricate elements involved in creating a french manicure, such as the colour to be used, accents, designs and spacing. For dreamy-looking nail art, pastel colours are preferred more or if you want to go for a hassle-free but bold choice, cobalt blue tips are your best alternative.

To find your next French manicure inspiration, here are some of our favourite nail arts to keep you hooked on:

Top 4 French Manicure Ideas

Gold-tipped nails

Get ready to fall in love with beautiful gold-tipped nails. As a glided take on the French manicure, this type of chic nail art is ideal for outings you want to make a statement! To create this nail art, just keep your base translucent and apply gold-coloured nail polish such as the Avon True Color Jewelled Illusion in Statement Gold shade on the nails. This high-sparkling nail polish adds a boost of shine to your nails for an exquisite look.

Switch it up

This nail art brings the ‘fun’ factor to the same-old French tips by switching it all the way up. You have to invert the half-moon tip of the Frenchie and let it touch the cuticle end of your nails. Apply minimal shades of white, orange, yellow and blue for a fun splash of colour to create this funky-cool nail art. However, make sure to keep your design clean and minimal.

For an instant colour burst, you can opt for the Avon True Color Prospeed Nail Enamel range. These nail polishes have a quick-drying formula, which imparts a bold colour to your nails and protects them from chipping.

Gel French manicure with baby pink polish

If you love pink, embrace this French manicure right away! Apply a full coat of shimmering baby pink nail enamel carefully to your nails. For this, you can try the Avon Simply Pretty Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel in Pink Fantasy shade. After this, paint your nail tips white colour for an aesthetic look.

This nail art design will complement perfectly with your Indo-fusion or traditional outfits when you are going to a wedding or any other formal occasion.

Embrace the Hearts

Revamp the classic French manicured nails with red hearts. Infuse the feeling of love onto your nails by drawing red hearts on the tips of your nails. However, to create this nail design you should have coffin-shaped nails.

For an intense red colour pay-off, the Avon Simply Pretty Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel in Burnt Sand shade is a great option. Just apply this nail polish and let your hands speak the language of love.

Throughout the years, French tip nails have remained a timeless style. By trying on the above-mentioned nail art designs, you can revamp your nails and give them a flawless makeover! Furthermore, using hand creams from Avon, you can also provide deep nourishment to your hands and keep them healthy and soft-looking.