Tips to pamper your hair

We celebrate the magical freshness of the monsoons as they see out a blistering summer, but the wet, humid weather also causes a host of beauty woes as it wreaks havoc on our hair making it dry, frizzy and lifeless.

Hair fall and split ends are common causes of concern. To beat these hair woes in monsoon, follow these hair care tips that will help reduce hair damage:

Know the ingredients in your hair-care range
Choosing the right kind of hair-care products as per your hair type can make a huge difference. Knowing your hair type well and using only those hair-care products that suit your scalp can ensure less hair fall and make your hair healthy and strong. Look for ingredients that will work wonders for your hair type like ginseng for a healthier scalp, aloe vera to combat dryness, sesame seeds to strengthen your ends and bhringraj to make your hair look shiny and glamorous!

Fight dandruff
Along with frizzy hair, itchy scalp and dandruff is a common concern. To deeply cleanse your hair and combat dandruff, look for shampoos with ingredients like tea tree oil and charcoal minerals. Such ingredients help to fight recurring dandruff, soothe any irritation and deeply cleanse hair.


Regular weekly masks
Along with choosing the right kind of hair care products, using a hair mask regularly will leave your hair smooth and manageable. Managing frizzy and dull hair can get cumbersome and that’s where a hair mask can come to your rescue! Using hair masks on a weekly basis can help to strengthen your roots. Look for masks with deep nourishing properties to revitalise your scalp and help your hair retain its natural oils.


Treat dry, unruly hair
Nothing beats stress better than a good old head massage at home. It ensures healthy blood circulation in your scalp and strengthens your hair at home. If you’ve been experiencing unruly, dry and damaged hair, invest in Ayurvedic hair oil like Avon’s. The oil is a special blend of coconut, almond, olive and sandalwood oil. It is free of parabens, colorants and alcohol, which causes no scalp irritation. Such oil blends leave hair shiner, voluminous and also address hair issues like dandruff, weak roots and split ends.


Don’t let your hair get wet!
In addition, you must also remember to keep your scalp dry and avoid getting it wet in the rain. The rainwater brings down the pollutants and acid content in the rain, which can damage the hair. Make sure you keep wet hair loose and wash it immediately.